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Karelia Cigarettes

Karelia cigarettes are the key brand of Karelia Tobacco Company Inc, honorable cigarette company from Greece, established in 1888. Nowadays, Karelia Tobacco Company Inc is working with the finest quality cigarettes manufacturing which have been very popular throughout the world. Karelia is in fact the leading and the most recognized brand of this company. This cigarettes brand was released into the Greek cigarette market in the 1960s. The cigarettes, being full-flavored cigarettes with intense taste, became popular by many smokers. Now, this branded tobacco product is marketed in many countries under George Karelia and Sons trademark. In the late 1990s, as slim cigarettes were in a greater demand, Karelia Tobacco Company elaborated its own, individual slim and refined smoke. It was named Karelia Slims, an original tobacco item created namely for trendy female smokers, who cannot live and exist without the most delicate products.

The main features behind the greatest success of Karelia Slims cigarettes are the supreme quality, incomparable taste of finest tobaccos, and wide choice of varieties, mild smoke and invigorative flavor. Karelia Slims brand is now tightly related to luxury and chic and has been an icon brand for millions of adult cigarettes smokers in Europe and Asia. Karelia brand is available in nine specific styles:

  • George Karelia and Sons Superior Virginia (former full-flavor, king-size cigarettes)
  • George Karelia and Sons Smoother Taste (former lights, king-size length)
  • Karelia Slims - 100mm-long cigarettes
  • Karelia Slims Blue - 100mm-long cigarettes
  • Karelia Slims Menthol - 100mm-long cigarettes
  • Karelia Slims Crem Color - 100mm-long cigarettes
  • Karelia Slims Party - exclusive 100mm-long cigarettes
  • Karelia Super Slims Ome
  • Karelia Super Slims Ome Yellow

George Karelia & Sons is bracing smokes preferred by men, while Karelia Slims and Super Slims are suitable for self-confident, stunning women.