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Kent Cigarettes

Kent Convertibles (aka Kent Click) is a special brand of Kent cigarettes featuring a completely innovating system to increase the quality of the cigarette and the pleasure experienced during smoking. They shouldn't be mistaken for menthol cigarettes, and here's why.

Under the tagline: "Click, Switch, Refresh", Kent has produced a cigarette based on a completely new concept: two different tastes in one product. Even if this seems either complicated or too obscure, you need to understand the true nature of this innovation: you can enjoy a different type of cigarette, according to your mood.

The filter found in Kent Convertibles is made of two distinct parts: one part contains the already-traditional charcoal filter, especially designed to protect you from the downsides of smoke, and another part made of a special type of cellulose. In the middle of it, there is a small capsule containing a liquid. If you want, you can smoke the cigarette without pressing the switch button drawn on the filter, thus enjoying a classic taste. But if you do press the button, here's what happens.

After pressing the button, the liquid inside the capsule is released in the filter, and the smoke passing through the filter gets a special taste. Because the liquid is freshly released (as opposed to other products using dry substances to influence the taste of a cigarette in your mouth), you get a very strong sensation of cleanness and freshness.

To make the most of it, you need to follow the tagline:

  • First, click the filter. If you do it immediately after you light the cigarette, the effect will be smoother for the entire dose. If you click it when you're half way done, the effect is stronger and quite pungent.
  • Switch the filter between your fingers. This is important in order to distribute the liquid evenly in the filter. Five to seven switches should suffice. Don't overdo it, because you may damage the filter. It's not a cheap filter, but it only has a reasonable resistance.
  • Enjoy the new, fresh taste of the cigarette. You will soon notice that this is not mint: it's a completely new taste for a completely new experience.